Our courses and workshops are designed in a way
to discover and develop further the talents and creativity of the participants,
using their own subconscious power to support them achieving their dreams and goals​

​ART POINT Semesters:
1. Spring Semester: 6.January to 7.July
Summer Break: 7.July to mid August
2. Fall Semester: mid August to mid December
Winter Break: mid December to 6. January

Open Class

CHF 880 unlimited / 12 months
CHF 510/ 20 classes valid 6 months​​
CHF 290/ 10 classes valid 3 months​

These are subscriptions for our open classes (60 mins) Cardio Barre, BalleCore, Workshops (Jazz, Contemporary, others), which you can attend once or more times per week untill the subscription is used. You can always re-new the subscription during the year


Test Class & Mini Semester

CHF 27 for 1 test class
CHF 30 / single class

CHF ​150/ 5 classes Mini Semester

One test class is possible after registration and confirmation by us with specific date and time. After the 1 test class, you need to pay subscription or Single class fee: CHF 30​​​​

MINI Semester Subscription
is valid for 6 months and is offered for small children at age 2,5 to 4 who try for the first time such classes. The Mini Semster could be offered only once to certain students upon the consideration of the ART POINT management. If the students were previously in our classes, they are not eligible for test class and Mini Semester.


Ballet/ Jazz/ Theatre / other

CHF 480/ 1 semester

CHF 850/ 2 semesters

These are subscriptions for one class weekly in classical ballet, kids yoga, musical theatre, contemporary, modern, Jazz, for children with curriculum. One semester contains in avarage 18 to 20 classes - 1 class per week. The classes follow the State school schedule in ​​​ Canton Schwyz . The classes are not held during the School holidays and on public holidays and on and after bridge days.
The mid-semester entries will be calculated pro-rata.


Performance Arts Camps

CHF 650/ 5 full days

The Performance Arts Camps are for children at age 5 to 14 year old and are conducted
during the school holidays periods in Canton Schwyz. The price inlcudes 5 full days (8:00 am to 5:00 pm), including snacks, drinks and lunch.
Additional child-care before 8:00 am and after 5 pm is possible upon arrangement for the fee of CHF 25 per hour



Each Package Contains A Wide Set Of Free Services

Free Events

Product Reductions

Class Compensation

If you miss a class during the semester, you can compensate on another day during the current or the next semester, if subscribed further.
During your valid suscription you are entitled to attend our free events (like visit of Zürich Opera, Theatres, cinema or tematic evenings, etc.)
You can buy shoes, clothing and other producs we offer on reduced prices for our members or use reductions, given to our school by other shops and companies.

Free Evaluation

Family Bonus

Loyalty Bonus

Our experienced teachers can do a free evaluation of the potentials of your child and advice on the further steps and areas of focus for development of these potentials. Ask us
Any additional family member that subscribes for our classes, receives a reduction of 10% on the price of subscription
Reduction of CHF 30 (loyalty bonus) is given to members that pay consecutive semester without interruption (without skipping one semester) before the start of the semester

Reference Bonus

Performances & Recitals

If you bring a friend, that subscribes for our classes, you recieve a voucher of CHF 20 to subscribe for your next classes
The best students, who are nominated to represent the school in some performances, will receive for free additional training  for the performance
Workshops` and Projects`prices (including Musical Theatre and Dance Workshops) are
defined per workshop/ project depending on materials, costumes, etc.

Studios ART POINT Rent
ART POINT studios are in the center of the old city of Lachen, 1 minute walking distnace from the beautiful Marina of Lachen, in a walking/ low speed area and 2 minutes from the Lachen RailWay Station. 
Equipment: 100 m2, Harlequin Cascade floor, wall-mounted and portable barres for 20 to 30 persons, mirrors on 2 walls (each 8 meter long), bathroom with shower, speakers, matts, chairs, projector and screen
Any other needed equipment: possible upon request

Price: CHF 50 per hour
For regular usage and full/ half-day renting the studio we can offer preferential prices

Birthday Parties & Events 
We can organize thematic birthday parties and events with integrated dance or theatre basic lesson,

costumes and masks preparation, face-painting, and finally preparation of a small performance of 5 to 10 minutes for the parents on our studio stage.

Party or event with art activities like ceramic painting or anything you or your children would like, can be organized on-demand.

Price: depending on the requirements, offer will be made individually
Eample: for example 2 hours upto 10 children, Jazz/ Funky Dance Party with costumes and Face-painting
Price: CHF 300  (without catering) 
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