Welcome to our Performance Arts School !

Rules and Polices

The registration for the classes (including the test classes) is required and binding, whether it be through e-mail, website (www.art-point.org) or telephone. 
The payment is due before the start of the semester or the classes registered for. 
Midterm registrations are possible with the agreement of the Performance & Visual Arts School ART POINT management (e-mail: [email protected] ) and only in case of available places in the classes.
When participant continues to attend the classes after the 1st test class, he/ she should register with the registration form and pay the due attendance fee for the semester or course.

Registrations and cancellations must be submitted in writing by 31 May (for the autumn semester) or 20 December (for the spring semester). With your signature you accept the valid school fees and the school rules of the Performance & Visual Arts School ART POINT and agree to pay the school fees regularly. Withdrawal is only possible at the end of the semester, by written notification to the school management (e-mail: [email protected] ). Otherwise the membership in the ART POINT school and the payment obligation will be extended by one semester. Late changes will only be taken into account if possible and against payment of a cancellation fee of CHF 160. The school Regulations and the Forms are available (in German and English) via the homepage (www.art-point.org ) or at ART POINT School, Herrengasse 8, 8853 Lachen. Upon cancelation after the start of the semester no reimbursement of the amount paid is possible.

After the 1st test class, a full semester fee for the regular classes is due. Midterm signups will be charged pro-rata for the months left by the end of the semester.

We support families with more family members (including adults) attending our classes. Reduction of 10% is given to every next siblings or family member enrolled in any of our classes.

Reduction of CHF 30 (loyalty bonus) is given to members that book consecutive semester without interruption (without skipping one semester) and pay at least half of the semester fee 1 week before the start of the semester.

If you bring a friend, that subscribes for our classes, you receeve a voucher of CHF 20 to subscribe for your next classes​.

In case of absences, compensation of classes could be done on another day or time of the same class during the current semester or during the following semester, if you have also booked and paid it before it starts. If you do not attend a class during the semester, refund is not applicable.

The presence of the parents/ guardians is not recommended during the classes. As exception you could be present at the first 15 minutes and the last 10 minutes of the first 3 classes, in order to ensure the maximum comfort for all in the learning environment.

Participants are requested to attend the classes and workshops in clothing and soft shoes, which are appropriate to the planned activities, and bring a personal bottle of water for each participant. 
Please do not bring items of value to the classes as well as food.

Before starting each semester, parents can schedule a short meeting together with the child and the corresponding instructor for defining the current status, expectations and objectives for the next semester.

The health and liability insurances of the participants of our classes is responsibility of the participants or their legal guardians.  
In case of material damages in the ART POINT school, caused by you or your child, please contact the ART POINT management in order to arrange with you the appropriate damage repair and eventual insurance payments.
The ART POINT school or our instructors and teachers do not have any liability for the health issues of the participants due to the physical exercises.  

In case any special requests or issues, please discuss with the Team of the ART POINT the matter. We will be happy to assist you and find a solution or alternative to fulfil your request.

With the registration you agree with all above rules and policies of ART POINT.

on our website: www.art-point.org , per e-mail: [email protected], or per telephone: +41.79.2862.134